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On the 11th and 12th of November, 2017; we are looking forward to meeting you in order to discuss solutions and ideas for the future of education in the Future of Education Conference (Eğitimde Gelecek Konferansı), hosted by MEF University.

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Dear teachers, academicians, managers and those who are dedicated to education:

In 2016, we declared that “Education is change, and resistance against change is choosing to vanish.” For two days, with 1500 educators; we gathered and talked about education, and we learned new things…we cascaded our knowledge from EDK16 to our classrooms and schools.

This year, we’re arranging the Future of Education Conference with the Faculties of Education of three renowned universities; which raise global leaders not only in education; but in any field of study.

By cooperating with the people who are dedicated to education from all levels and fields, we’ll be speaking about education in the digital era, schools that any child can benefit from with an equal and fair education system, creativity and entrepreneurship, exemplary practices from  all over the world, the future of the school and the teacher, and teacher education in the information age.

We’ll meet on the 11th and 12th of November to share what we know, to find solutions to problems and to design the future.
Come in, and have a say in the future of education.